About us


Shaping every challenge

Shaping metals means shaping ideas.

Great dedication, energy and passion are needed to accomplish this process.

In the heart of the forging dies, deformed within the presses, milled by the machining centers, the incandescent material comes to life and becomes a million real objects.
Concrete objects that we can actually touch and use.

Through a century of history, from this white-hot heart, we have forged components for chairlifts, cable cars, trains, pipelines, valves, hooks and large engines that have moved, shifted, towed and linked people and things.


All this has been possible with the use of cutting-edge machinery and technology, investments in research, high-precision mechanical finishings and the use of presses among the most powerful in the world.

But above all, this has been possible thanks to the people working here, an amazing team that, day by day, continues to grow by consolidating skills and acquiring new ones in order to bravely face new international challenges in every industrial sector.

Since 1919, generation after generation, we reproduce this magic in our premises: shaping steel and light alloys to manufacture any type of component, small or large, following the entire production cycle from the design to the finished part.

All this is to help you bring your projects to life, no matter what they are.

Forging our future

It’s been more than a hundred years since, in our Ciriè plant, the brothers Domenico, Pietro and Giovanni Bertot took up the great challenge to build, out of nowhere, a plant for the hot forging of steel.

Despite the difficulties and the limited resources available at the time, they managed with courage and dedication to create something extraordinary and unique.
With the same spirit we, the fourth generation, are ready to get in the game, day after day, facing together all the new challenges that the future holds.