The extensive experience gained over the years on international projects, together with the flexibility of the Engineering department and the use of powerful 8,000-ton presses, made the forging of large formats our real strength.
We are therefore able to satisfy the most challenging requests, always guaranteeing the highest quality of the final product, and meeting the deadlines and the needs of the most demanding customers.
Project after project, we redefine a new standard of excellence.

Forging lines with Presses from 1600Ton up to 8000Ton
8000Ton presses (parts weighting up to 180 kg in steel, and up to 40 kg in aluminum alloys)
Macchine ad asportazione di truciolo
High-tech machining centres
People working in team


Investing in technology means investing in the quality of production, in the safety of our staff, in the growth of our company: investing in technology means investing in the future.
We believe that R&D is crucial to keep pace with a market and a world in continuous evolution.

Reducing the time-to-market and optimizing the integrated cycle, from the project to the finished part, have always been our watchwords.

Work process

Having all stages of production under control, from design to the finished part, we can guarantee quality without compromises.
The productive cycle, integrated in every stage, can provide tailor-made solutions to any customer.
This excellence is, every day more, internationally recognized by influential companies that, year after year, keep on reconfirming their trust in us.
A responsibility and an honor that make us proud.

Our products

We produce a wide range of products, forged in carbon steel for high and low temperatures, ferritic steels, austenitic steels, superalloys and aluminum alloys, according to national and international standards, or even according to the specifications of our customers.
Our products can be supplied as rough, complete with heat treatment, tested with destructive or non-destructive methods, or finished with machining and surface treatments.
The production capacity of our plant is in continuous development: each new project to create something we have never produced before is a new and exciting challenge for us to face and win.


Every project is a challenge: taking challenges and turning them into opportunities, this has made us and continues to make us grow every day